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Construction in General

[Under Construction]


- R. López of Azúa & Associates - Surveyings
   Coordination and Demolition of Residence, Santurce

- Condominium Las Carmelitas, Santurce, PR

   Repairs of cracks and breaks in concrete
   Repairs of sealing in stucco


- Lilly del Caribe, Carolina PR
Underground pipes for fiber 4” area. 2,500 p/l
Remodeling of  48 offices in PR-02
Remodeling 2 principal bathrooms 18 x 18 in PR-02
Installation access control system of entrance area  PR-01
Installation of revolving doors PR-01
Installation aluminum pipes  2” diameter PR-01

- Lilly del Caribe, Guayama PR

Remodeling Computer Center offices
Removing and installment of stone entrance of the hallway Computer Center
Communication pipes for 4 doors.
Remodeling the Administrative Data Center

- Humana de Puerto Rico

Remodeling Computer Center
Renewal of offices 2nd level (80 offices)
Installation of 2,000 gallons y 1,000 gallons
                     of diesel tanks
- Telemundo, Hato Rey, PR
Removing carpet and installing vinyl floor
Repairs in Gypsum Board and steel bars
Remodeling offices
Removing and installing office work stations


- Citibank - Cupey, PR
Repairs to sewer drains
Repairs in Gypsum Board in bathrooms
Removing and installing brick floors
Removing asphalt
Removing and reinstalling of Gypsum
Board, cafeteria
Installation of granite on floor, Atrium

- Citibank, Caguas, PR

Cleanliness and Painting, exterior and interior of

- Citibank, Carolina

Cleanliness and Painting, exterior and interior of Branch

- Expansion mechanic shop , Díaz Enterprise

- Remodeling bathrooms Universidad del Turabo
- Remodeling Apartments Mr. José Rentas


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